white ceremonial burning sage

self nurture

mountain rose herbs

this aromatic herb has been used for centuries for ceremonial use and has been used as a treatment for coughs and colds, as an additive to sweat baths, a general tonic, fever reliever, hair rinses and even as a body deodorant. we use our sage to purify the air in our home. the this calming inhalant will purge a space of negative vibes while chasing away household smells. the smoky aroma trail of this white sage releases is mellow, herbaceous, earthy and clean. our white californian sage is picked in wild form, leaves on stem.  

burn a few leaves at a time in your smudge pot. we use a an iron bowl with amethyst colored sand. your sage will come in an airtight bag, packaged in a burlap sac.

2 oz bag / 10 in x 6 in


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