tatine candles: tisane

self nurture


inspired by places visited by its creator, the tasine collection captures a mere moment, a feeling, a season, a gray sky, falling leaves, english trees, rain soaked concrete, walking the neighborhoods of london. the scents themselves are abstract, very personal and based on memories of a place and of an experience. each is a mere suggestion of aromas. scent as a story, meant to delight and move you with a sense of surprise. 

available scents: bron yr aur, holland park, st. johns wood
bron yr aur
a stone cottage in the welsh countryside. rain drops and moss. a walk down country lanes in a landscape where magic fills the air. 

holland park
leaves are falling all around. rain soaked, october earth under a musky moon. 
st. john's wood
tulips and smoldering chimney smoke, dried vines and brick walls
field of grass
freshly cut grass in the heart of the country, swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.
candle size: 56.7 g / 2 oz
approx. burn time: 16 hours


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