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dar gitane seeks to enlighten and inspire you to create spaces of self expression. the dar gitane lifestyle embodies an eclectic home environment that is worldly, ancestral, soulful, and seductive. through our philosophy and unique products, we hope to preserve the art of gathering in a stylish and distinct way.

since its inception, dar gitane has drawn inspiration from the time-worn heritage of skilled artisans and the art of beautiful living. we capture the essence and building blocks that reflect our thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, always preserving the simple pleasures of life. the ethos of dar gitane blends together bohemian-smart, urban-rooted, countryside-glamorous, rock-nonchalance, world-explorer, decayed-grandeur, yet it is always simplistically beautiful. we travel the world collecting artisinal objects and discovering rituals that awaken the senses. our collections reflect the belief that the goods we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a history, and a purpose that goes beyond aesthetics. they should help us connect to the world.  



about the gitane

creative founder alina preciado is a working artist and designer with a versatile career that has spanned interiors, design, and fine art. for the past 15 years, her brooklyn studio has been home to her many interests, ranging from product design, fine art installation, wood working, glass blowing, ceramics, fiber arts, weaving, natural dying to other forms of design and craft. her work has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited internationally.

eclectic by birth, with a heritage that spans asturian, portuguese and chinese ethnicities, alina has an instinctive language for distant lands and thirst for the simple rituals in life. she has always considered herself as a wandering soul, extensively traveling and living on foreign soils. she believes in inspiring others to connect to their environment with purpose. she is both the hunter and gatherer of all goods dar gitane, and has now placed together a collection of offerings from around the world for you to enjoy.

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