western optic barware collection

kitchen & Table


this collection is rendered and made to take us back to the by gone days of simplistic watering holes...the places that used to make their own bourbon and serve it up in bottles and glasses just like this. the collection features heavy handblown glass complete with ponte marks, the signature that proves these pieces are made by hand.  we call them optic because of the wonderful striation that creates a light refraction. each bottle is fitted with an oiled. hand-carved shesham wood stopper, and each glass promises to make your drink of choice nostalgic.

each set comes with one bottle and four glasses


bottle 12 in tall x 3.75 in dia / 30.48 cm tall x 9.52 cm dia

glasses 2.25 in tall x 2.5 in tall / 5.71 cm tall x 6.35 cm dia



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