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for our ever-growing desk needs, we bring you the ihada brass desk tray collection by the makers of futugami. use the tray to display and organize your favorite desk accessories or even take it into your dressing space to hold jewelry or pocket keepsakes from the day. we guarantee the trays crude brass casting surface will impart some sex appeal to the mundane or add luster to your favorite pieces.

the beauty in having a tray like this is that it gradually changes its color over the course of years due to oxidization. The longer it's used, the richer and subtler it becomes. this piece is classically minimalistic, functional and sure to be a classic in your home.

for a special touch or to soften the tray, each tray comes with our precision cut leather tray pads. these leather pads are dyed in dark espresso brown and are sized to each tray.

available in three sizes - large, medium, small


large -  8.26 in x 3.43 in /  20.98 cm x 8.7 cm

medium - 5.5 in x 3.43 in / 14 cm x 8.7 cm

small -  3.43 in x 2.75 in / 8.7 cm x 7 cm


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