italian glass jug pitchers

kitchen & table

bormioli rocco

living in europe has given a special appreciation for these pitchers, they are quite the household staple for many families. after years of having them around, we got to thinking, as many visitors would ask "where did you get these amazing pitchers?".... well we tracked them down due to popular demand and we are pleased to offer them to you. these pitchers are just the right size and proportional for small spaces, yet hold a substantial amount. designed to measure up to the demands of active household, this line is made of tempered construction that gives it additional resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. lids have a fastening mechanism for hermetically sealing freshly brewed ice-teas and juices. each jug features a distinctive strong handle for easy serving. we keep one with our binchotan charcoal and water on our counter at all times.

trust us on this one, you will LOVE these pitchers, we love they way they fit in tight spaces in the frig

100-percent recyclable

dishwasher safe and shock resistant

made in italy

pitchers are available in two sizes:

large jug pitcher - 77.75 oz / 2 liters (short and wide)

small jug pitcher - 39 oz / 1.2 liters (tall and narrow)


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