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bormioli rocco

our italian bistro glass collection comes to us from a traditional italian glassware factory that dates back to 1825, although some historians say it dates back to the middle ages. these glasses are a classic and staple to european bistros and are sized and made to be used everyday, and go beyond by being the great addition for casual entertaining. we knew we found a glass that could measure up to our demands when we found these.  this line is made of tempered construction that gives it additional resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, so when we say everyday, we mean everyday. glasses feature a wide mouth and are nicely weighted so they are great to hold. there is something sexy about the simplicity of these lines and with a wide-mouth we think they can be used for non-beverage serving as well.

every glass has nuances and characteristics that one would expect from an old-world glass maker that make each glass unique to its process of being made. we call it the perfect imperfection.

glasses are available in three sizes and are sold in sets of four:

vino mini - 6.75 oz

d.o.f. medium - 12.5 oz

beer maxi - 17.25 oz



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