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its makes us happy to offer such a historical classic teapot. the yixing teapot is unique for its rich history, charm and brewing qualities.  in china these pots are renowned for brewing by chinese tea aficionados and are also eagerly sought after by collectors of fine ceramic art. the teapots are named yixing after the place in china located on lake taihu, this place has long been known as the pottery capital of china.  It was here is during the ming dynasty, that the world’s first teapots were made. as time passed, these distinctive red earthenware teapots made their way to europe with the first tea shipments, and served as the direct ancestor for all teapots that followed!

we think the shape imparts an elegant simplicity with themes taken from nature, and simple geometry.  the pots are are unglazed, and its surface promises that with continued use, a rich patina will develop which enhances the taste, color and fragrance of fine tea. a personal mark on each piece bares the individual artisan’s seal of skill and care.  each teapot is finished with brass handles and fine details to be appreciated.

for the best enjoyment and care of your teapot, we recommend warming the teapot with hot water...then add your favorite tea leaves and boiling water for brewing. never wash your teapot with soap. simply rinse thoroughly with fresh water and wipe with a soft cloth. pair this teapot with the classic yixing teacups.

comes in 2 colors: charcoal brown & burnt clay 

(burnt clay is sold out)

dimensions: 5 in tall x 5.5 in dia / 12.7 cm x 13.97 cm


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