Design Behind Desire: The Sensuous Textures of Wanting


farameh media

a book this beautiful deserves its own table...although you might be tempted, don't bother strapping down this book because anyone who enters your space will want to open it, caress its pages and read between the lines. 

DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE is a beautifully conceived book about wanting, longing, yearning, generating and fulfilling of a highly sexual and erotic nature and, as an entity within itself, becomes an object of desire as each sensuously laden page is turned. It both demonstrates and embodies desire by exploring the most beautiful objects of and for desire where integrity, beauty, sexuality and sensuality are at the heart of the creations. all of the diverse objects, united in the strength of their vision, conceptual depth and a high degree of craftsmanship, provide nourishment for the imagination, demonstrating how the world of fetish wear and bondage provokes fashion and design in a tangible way. traversing the pages of DESIGN BEHIND DESIRE the heat rises as we explore desire through the three chapters and phases; generating, contemplating and fulfilling. hidden within fulfilling desire, we also discover the cabinet of desire; a beautifully photographed volume immersed with desirous text where the mind is encouraged to wander.

368 pp. hardcover and jacket with open slit, ISBN 978-0-9830-8315-3

Over 300 color photos

dimensions: 32.4 x 24.8 cm / 12.75 x 9.75 inches


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